Rothenberg Ventures invests in Frontier Technology startupsfor Seed+ Stage Startup Founders

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May 16, 2016 at AT&T park. More info

The Family

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Frontier Tech - VR & AR

Frontier Tech - 3D Printing, AI, Drones, EV, IoT, Robotics, Space

Enterprise & Consumer
“Rothenberg Ventures
is revolutionizing
venture capital.”
Kegan Schouwenburg
“When I choose my investors, I want my
Ride or Die team.”
Nick Bhardwaj
“I believe you
are never done.”
Steven van Wel
CEO, Karma

What We Do

We invest in Seed+ stage startups and help them grow. We serve our founders by supporting with strategic guidance, fundraising, hiring, connections and coworking. We also launched River, a community that builds and supports Frontier Tech startups. We use our deep network to break through bottlenecks.

Meet The Family

Who We Are

We are a team of experienced investors, operators, networkers, cheerleaders, fundraisers and event planners. We started Rothenberg Ventures to share our expertise with startup founders.

Meet The Team

The Venture team

We are specialists in startup growth

Adina Tecklu
Brandon Farwell
Dylan Flinn
Director of Investments
Fran Hauser
Venture Partner
New York
Michael Dempsey
Frontier Technology
Mike Rothenberg
Founder & CEO
Chief Investment Officer
Neil Devani
Frontier Technology
Samiron Ray
Investor / Counsel
Frontier Technology
Adaora Udoji
Chief Storyteller
Geoff Rapoport
General Counsel
Ish Simpson
Business Development Manager
James Taylor
General Manager
Katie Fanelli
Chief of Staff
Luna Yuan
China Representative
Margaret Jennings
Skye Jordan
Events and Office Manager
Tommy Leep
Director of Community & SF Office
Sophia Dominguez
Entrepreneur In Residence
Tom Leep
Financial Advisor
Menlo Park
Tiffany Norwood
River is a program for the fastest growing Frontier Tech startups. Learn more about them here.

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